Special Friends of Voices of the Violet Crown

We’re grateful to all the neighbors, friends, family, and groups who have encouraged us and have participated in and financially supported Voices of the Violet Crown, beginning in 2003, and helped with the Violet Crown Festival Community Tent, which we were part of from 2003 to 2010. Here are some of our special friends in the community and beyond:

Association of Professional Genealogists; Austin Film Society; Oral History Association; Society of American Archivists Oral History Section (page 4); Texas Oral History Association; and Texas State Genealogical Society, Inc., published newsletter articles about the Voices of the Violet Crown project, 2009-2012.

Austin American-Statesman. Special thanks to writer Michael Barnes, whose writings have broadened our perspective of Austin history, and to photographer Ralph Barrera. We also shared research that was incorporated into feature articles on local history, 2012-2014.

Austin History Center is the repository for our oral history interview DVDs, transcriptions, interviewee and interviewer release forms, films, history booklet, feature articles, and project files. AHC added a link to our website on its “Everything Austin: History” web page. The finding aid for the Susan and Rob Burneson Recordings and Papers, which we donated to the AHC in August 2016, is included in Texas Archival Resources Online. Special thanks to Managing Archivist Mike Miller.

Baylor University Institute for Oral History, Waco, Texas, presented our film A Community Mosaic at its “Future Perfect” seminar, 2009. We donated a copy of the film to the institute. Special thanks to director Dr. Stephen Sloan.

Brentwood Neighborhood Association, Austin, hosted screenings of our films, 2009 and 2011; participated in the Community Tent at the Violet Crown Festival; published Susan’s article on Esperanza School in its April 2015 newsletter; added Voices of the Violet Crown to its “Neighbor Resources and Organizations” web page; and added a Brentwood history section to its website in January 2017. Special thanks to Don Leighton-Burwell and John Halaburt.

David Butler, artist and Crestview neighbor, crafted hand-lettered signs for the Community Tent at the festival.

City of Austin selected our film A Community Mosaic for screening at the Faces of Austin multimedia program and Austin Public Library Lights.Camera.Austin film program, 2010, and the First Night Austin celebration, 2010-2011. The film can be viewed on the City of Austin website and on our website (see link above). In addition, we donated copies of our films A Community Mosaic, in 2008, and We Planted 115 Trees, in 2011, to the Austin Public Library, so they could be checked out. Susan also contributed neighborhood history and photographs to the City of Austin Community Character in a Box project for Crestview in 2014.

Crestview Neighborhood Association, Austin, hosted a screening of A Community Mosaic, 2008; provided exhibit space for our project at its events, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2016; has published our feature articles in its monthly newsletter since 2008; and added a Crestview history section to its website in August 2016. The CNA also participated in the Community Tent. Special thanks to former newsletter editors Kat Correa, Laura Cruzada, and Rick Von Flatern, who encouraged me to submit articles; and to Dave Considine, Nancy Barnard, Anne-Charlotte Patterson, and Mike Lavigne.

Crestview Shopping Center, Austin. Business owners hosted film screenings and sold copies of our films and history booklet, 2008-2014. We also donated copies of the booklet to several businesses to share with customers. Special thanks to Pam Harries, Crestview Barber Shop; Kathy Dunn, Crestview Beauty Salon; the J. D. Harper family, former owners of Crestview Pharmacy; Mona Lee Fultz, BriteLites Acting Studio; and Ronnie Prellop, former owner of Crestview Minimax IGA. Thanks also to Project Transitions/Top Drawer for providing display space for our neighborhood history exhibit during Crestview Neighborhood Association’s annual ice cream social at the shopping center in 2015 and 2016.

Friends of Brentwood Park, Austin, provided financial support for our oral history interviews of its Leadership Team, 2010-2011, and our film about one of its projects in 2010, We Planted 115 Trees, 2011. The Austin Parks Foundation, 2011, and TreeFolks Urban Forest Steward Training Program, 2012, held screenings of the film for employees and trainees, respectively. Susan also served as webmaster for Friends of Brentwood Park, 2012-2013. Special thanks to FOBP co-founders Hedrich Michaelsen and Emily Wilson. Emily also coordinated Crestview’s Green Neighborhood initiative. Susan’s history of Hancock Creek, our area’s main waterway, was submitted as part of the documentation that helped Crestview become a City of Austin Certified Green Neighborhood in 2010.

Jes Garcia, for his compassionate and knowledgeable sharing of Austin history, through his “Dazed and Confused/Keeping Our Austin Memories Alive w/ its Rich History” Facebook page, and for his encouragement of our project.

Jean Graham, lead artist on the mosaic Wall of Welcome project and Brentwood neighbor. Jean’s vision for the wall inspired Susan to help support the project and to learn more about the neighborhood history depicted on the wall. Jean and Susan shared information and encouraged each other as they carried out individual projects, including gathering and preserving local history and the stories of neighbors. As a Violet Crown Community Works board member, Susan helped promote the Wall of Welcome project in print and online publications and helped nominate Jean for the Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Award and Austin writer Spike Gillespie’s Kickass Award, which Jean received in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Susan and Rob created the film First Night W/Domino & Friends (2006), which helped document Jean’s First Night Austin project in December 2005. A screening of the film was part of a Violet Crown/Domino the Pig display Susan and Jean created for the Community Tent at the Violet Crown Festival in 2006. Susan and Rob’s film A Community Mosaic (2008) helped document the creation of Jean’s Wall of Welcome and some of the stories that inspired it.

Kelly Greene, filmmaker (including Attack of the Bat Monsters) and Crestview neighbor. Kelly assisted us with the soundtrack for our film A Community Mosaic in 2008 and with sound during interviews for our film We Planted 115 Trees in 2011.

Billie Herron, Crestview neighbor who first sparked Susan’s interest in the beginnings of the neighborhood, when she pointed out that our area had few trees in the mid-1950s when she first moved here.

Valerie Korba, who helped coordinate the Community Tent for the Violet Crown Festival in 2007, as well as a VCCW-sponsored community potluck in 2006.

Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle and Michael Arbuckle, former Brentwood neighbors who helped coordinate the Welcome Tent and helped set up the history display at the Wall of Welcome dedication in March 2008 and later festivals. Wendy and Michael also were longtime financial supporters of the festival.

John Leffler, history consultant and professor and Brentwood neighbor. In 2004, John asked his friend J. D. Harper, longtime owner of Crestview Pharmacy, if he’d be willing to be interviewed by John and me. He was, and, as the three of us sat in one of the booths in the pharmacy, J. D. shared his broad knowledge of our area beginning in the early 1960s, when he became owner of Crestview Pharmacy. It was my first oral history interview, so I’m grateful to John for his encouragement and guidance. In 2008, Rob and I screened our film A Community Mosaic for John and his wife, Vivian Goldman-Leffler, at their home and appreciated the thumbs-up from both of them. Vivian also was a longtime volunteer in the Community Tent at the Violet Crown Festival. John passed away in November 2015.

Karen Lorenzini, Crestview neighbor who acknowledged and encouraged the hundreds of neighbors volunteering at the Violet Crown Festival and Violet Crown Community Works when she said in 2012: “If you have contributed your precious energy, sweat, and time to VCCW, you are appreciated.”

Ellen Murtaugh, Crestview neighbor who took the time to read our 12-foot-long neighborhood history at the 2009 Violet Crown Festival (held that November in Crestview Shopping Center) and let us know about a typo in someone’s name.

Neighborhood churches. Austin Bible, Crestview Baptist, Crestview Methodist, Faith Lutheran, Liveoak Bible, and St. Louis Catholic hosted screenings of our films A Community Mosaic and We Planted 115 Trees, 2008-2011. Many of the churches participated in the Community Tent, including Crestview Methodist’s quilting group, whose members demonstrated their colorful craft. Crestview Methodist also featured our neighborhood history display as part of its 60th anniversary celebration, November and December 2013. Special thanks to Crestview Methodist pastor Reverend Linda Elford.

Neighborhood schools. Brentwood Elementary School incorporated our film A Community Mosaic and history booklet, From Abercrombie to the Violet Crown, into its social studies curriculum and also participated in the Community Tent. We donated copies of A Community Mosaic and our history booklet to libraries at Brentwood Elementary, Lamar Middle School, and McCallum High School. Susan also served on the Campus Advisory Council at Brentwood Elementary. Special thanks to Brentwood librarian Kate Slaten and McCallum librarian Jane Farmer.

Neighborhood senior facilities. We donated copies of A Community Mosaic and history booklet to the Retirement and Nursing Center and North Central Caregivers. Susan delivered the Crestview newsletter to the RNC and also provided older neighbors, who otherwise do not have access, with photocopies of our web and newsletter articles featuring them. North Central Caregivers also participated in the Community Tent.

Neighbors, friends, and family—both near and far—purchased copies of our film A Community Mosaic and booklet From Abercrombie to the Violet Crown and made individual donations to our project, enabling us to continue doing oral history interviews and to develop the website.

North Austin Lions Club, Austin, hosted a screening of our film A Community Mosaic for its members, 2009, and hosted domino tournaments in the Community Tent at the Violet Crown Festival, 2003-2007. Special thanks to past president Seth Brower.

Oral History Association provided Susan with a scholarship to its annual national conference in Louisville, Kentucky, 2009. Susan’s article about the conference was published in Sound Bites, the Texas Oral History Association newsletter, in 2010.

Preservation Austin. In 2016, we contributed Brentwood and Crestview neighborhood history which was published in PA’s 24th Annual Historic Homes Tour booklet. It was the first time the event focused on Brentwood, Crestview, and Allandale and included detailed neighborhood history in its tour booklet. Special thanks to programs coordinator Lindsey Derrington for her kind words.

Richard and Sharon Hanson Charitable Fund, Columbia, Missouri, provided financial support for the development of our website, 2011. Special thanks to Richard and Sharon Hanson for their ongoing encouragement.

Slick Memorial Library, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, hosted our presentation on Voices of the Violet Crown, 2013. Special thanks to archivist Michelia Mason.

Allison Supancic, formerly with the Regional Foundation Library, University of Texas at Austin, shared with us her knowledge and wisdom on funding and other project support for Voices of the Violet Crown and for Violet Crown Community Works, when Susan served on its board.

Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin shared information about our project on its website and participated in the Community Tent. Special thanks to Steven Zettner.

Texas Media Systems, Austin, provided at no charge a DVD projector and screen for neighborhood film showings, 2008-2011. Special thanks to vice president/sales manager Terry Nixon.

Texas Oral History Association, Waco, awarded us the Mary Faye Barnes Award for Excellence in Community History Projects for our film A Community Mosaic, 2009. Susan also served as a judge for the TOHA award recognizing outstanding use of history in individual documentaries at Texas History Day in 2009, 2011, and 2012; read more in the TOHA newsletter, page 3. Special thanks to secretary-treasurer Lois Myers and TOHA board member Cynthia Beeman.

Violet Crown Community Works, Austin, featured our history and community displays, films, and information table at its neighborhood events, 2003-2010 and 2012, and contributed to financial support for our film A Community Mosaic, oral history interviews, history booklet duplication, and website development, 2007-2011. Susan helped coordinate the Community Tent and publicity and Rob served as a volunteer at the Violet Crown Festival, 2003-2010. Special thanks to founding board member Sandra Miron.

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