Oral History Interviews, 2003-2011

Original residents, noted below, moved to Brentwood or Crestview in the early 1950s or before. Dates in parentheses indicate year of interview. An asterisk (*) indicates that a DVD of the full videotaped interview is housed at the Austin History Center. Interview excerpts and other information about each person can be found on this website, either by clicking on the link on or above the name or using the search box at the top of this page. Friends of Brentwood Park and Violet Crown Community Works provided financial support for many of the interviews.

A Community Mosaic
Sabrina Becker and Lucretia Doyer, granddaughters of Dora and Felix Custer, original owners of Perfecto Cleaners (2004). Sabrina later owned Perfecto Cleaners, and Lucretia owned Little Deli.
Beverly Lester, current resident and daughter of original residents, Crestview (2008).*
Emory and Wanda Muehlbrad, original residents, Crestview (2008).*
Ronnie Prellop, Former owner and son of original owner, Crestview Minimax IGA, Crestview (2008).*
Kay Swenson Ramsey, daughter of original residents, Brentwood (2008).*
Sylvia “Scooter” Rushing, current resident and daughter of original residents, Brentwood (2008).*
Bill Williamson, original resident, Crestview (2007); Bill, 88, died November 2013.*

Wall of Welcome—
Jean Graham, Brentwood (2007).*

Tile Stories
Carmen Canann (with Chale Rangel), Highland/Crestview (2009).*
Valerie Harrington (with David Ort), Brentwood (2009).*
Barbara King (with Chris Glenn), Brentwood (2007).*
Mark McNeese, Pastor, First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Brentwood (2009).*
Kristie Zamrazil, Crestview (2009).*

More Voices of the Violet Crown
Jim and Mickey Bauer, original residents, Crestview; Mickey first moved to the area in 1936, when her father purchased a farm on what later became Burnet Lane in the Brentwood neighborhood (2010). Jim, 87, died September 2017.*
John and Judy Carlson, original residents, Crestview (2009); Judy, 86, died March 2015.*
Richard Chaffee and Jan Root, current residents and son and daughter of original residents, Brentwood (2009).*
Louise Cooke, original resident, Crestview (2009).*
Don and Gladys Gresser, original residents, Crestview (2009); Don, 85, died February 2011.*
Al Kirby, original resident, Brentwood (2009); Al first moved to the area in 1940, when his father purchased a farm on North St., which later became part of the Brentwood neighborhood, and he later lived on Payne Avenue; Al, 85, died October 2012.*
Ben Joe Petmecky, original resident, Brentwood (2009); Ben, 87, died October 2011.*
Anne Eagle Walker, Brentwood (2011).*
Madison (Madi) Ward, Brentwood (2009).*

Friends of Brentwood Park Leadership Team (interview excerpts in We Planted 115 Trees)—
Kat Correa, Crestview (2010).*
Denman Glober, Crestview (2010).*
Karen Lorenzini, Crestview (2010).*
Hedrich Michaelsen, Crestview (2010).*
Emily Wilson, Crestview (2010).*

Friends of Brentwood Park Tree Dedications (interview excerpts also in the dedication section of We Planted 115 Trees)—
Evangeline Bushacker (with Lynnette Alley), original resident, Crestview (2010); Evangeline, 94, died March 2014.*
Elizabeth Freng, Brentwood (2010).*
Jack, Michele, and Finnigan Holt, Brentwood (2010).*
Margaret Lankford, original resident, Brentwood (2010); Margaret, 91, died November 2011.*
Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, Brentwood (2011).*
Richard May (with Kelli May), Brentwood (2010).*
Carol Ramsey, Brentwood (2010).*

Other Interviews
Roger Beck, Musician and Barber, Crestview Barber Shop, Crestview (2004). Roger, 84, died September 2016.
Shayla Fleshman, Crestview, and former president of Violet Crown Community Works (Domino the Pig story at 0:58 in the film First Night W/Domino & Friends), Crestview (2005).
J. D. Harper, Former owner, Crestview Pharmacy, Crestview (2004); J. D., 77, died May 2012.
Billie Herron, original resident, Crestview (2003).
Chuck McCullough, Owner, Violet Crown Shopping Center, Brentwood, and son of Clarence McCullough, who helped develop the Violet Crown Heights subdivision (2003).
Mae Waggoner, original resident, Crestview (2005).

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