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A Voice of the Violet Crown

I have a friend who is fascinated with genealogy, just as I am. She has told me the story of her great-grandmother, Dr. Elizabeth Durbin Irby Crow Smith, one of the first woman physicians in Northern Louisiana. As she passed away at age 73, she said to those around her: It’s a shame for me to die and take all this knowledge with me. Few of us will gain the wisdom Elizabeth did. She was … Read more

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The Kind of Neighborhood It Is, Part 1

When I heard about Crestview Neighborhood Association’s Volunteer Appreciation Party, coming up on April 9, 2012, it got me thinking about all the different ways people contribute to our community. Don Gresser and his wife, Gladys, had lived in Crestview for 61 years when we interviewed them in March 2009. In telling us about their lives, more than once they mentioned how they volunteered for one project or another. For many years, they helped distribute … Read more

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A Salute to Violet Crown Veterans, Part 2

Our special series for Veterans Day concludes with stories about Bob Harwood, Ben Petmecky, and Emory Muehlbrad and video clips of John Carlson and Bill Williamson talking about veterans settling in Crestview as it was being developed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. BOB HARWOOD Bob was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his service in the Army during World War II. He enlisted in February 1942 and served in the 6th … Read more

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Special Neighbors Remembered

We dedicated the blog post “A Voice of the Violet Crown” (December 9, 2012) in memory of a few special neighbors we have known. (Photo of the gate image, below left, by Brentwood neighbor Al Evans and reprinted with his permission.)  1996 Evelyn H. McCathran, of Crestview. Evelyn was a longtime Dartmouth Avenue neighbor and member of Crestview Baptist Church (her home was just west of the church). Evelyn, 76, passed away January 26, 1996. … Read more

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