WABAC Machine, Part 6

Our neighborhood history (up to this point anyway!) concludes . . .

(What’s a WABAC Machine? Find out here.)

2006 • November 10: Brentwood Elementary held its tenth annual Veterans Day celebration, at which students wearing America-themed hats created a living version of the 1812 American flag. Photos of it were featured in the Austin American-Statesman. (More info about neighborhood veterans here.)

2007 • April 21: The groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new North Village Library on Steck Avenue; previously it was located in the Crestview neighborhood at Burnet and Anderson. • May 31: Responsible Growth for Northcross received a Liveable City Vision Award. RG4N also was recognized by the Austin Chronicle as the “Feistiest Neighborhood Rebellion.” • November: Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin was established to support sustainable and neighborhood-friendly development in the area.  In 2007, the population center of Austin was Northcross Mall at Anderson Lane and Burnet Road.

2008 The mosaic Wall of Welcome (left), 7100 Woodrow Avenue, Austin, was completed March 25 and dedicated March 29 in a community-wide celebration.

2009 • The Crestview neighborhood successfully met the City of Austin Green Neighbor Challenge to become a Certified Green Neighborhood. You can read our history of Hancock Creek/Arroyo Seco, included in the Challenge documentation, beginning hereFriends of Brentwood Park, Brentwood and Crestview neighbors dedicated to keeping the park maintained and to continuing its development as a community resource, was organized.  Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms, a neighborhood-based, community-run, urban agriculture network, was established in Crestview.

2010 • February 25: The Violet Crown TAG (Together Against Graffiti) Team formed a Yahoo group, to share information and help eliminate graffiti from our neighborhood • September 12: Faith Lutheran Church celebrated its 60th anniversary. • October 31: The first Trail of Frights, a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood event for local Halloween fans and trick-or-treaters, was held in the Brentwood/Crestview area. • October 3: Sustainable Neighborhoods of North Central Austin held its first of 11 tree plantings; by November 2014, volunteers planted and have maintained 170 trees. November 6: Friends of Brentwood Park planted 115 trees in the park, one of the group’s ongoing projects. (View our film about the event here.)

2011 • July 5: Voices of the Violet Crown website launched.

2012 • January: Food is Free Project, a community building and gardening movement, was established in Brentwood. • May 4: The new Brentwood Park pavilion, a project of Friends of Brentwood Park, was completed. It was dedicated on May 5 at the Violet Crown Festival. • October 28, 29, and 31: The latest neighborhood sightings of Domino the Pig.

2013 • January 5: The Voices of the Violet Crown community/history project formally ended; the website remains online, and history exhibits still are available for community events. • May 4: The tenth spring Violet Crown Festival was held in Brentwood Park. (Two fall festivals were held in 2008 and 2009 at Crestview Shopping Center.) July: The new Friends of Brentwood Park walking trail was completed. • October 28: The 1951 McKown-James House at 1501 Richcreek Road was not approved for historic zoning by the City of Austin Historic Landmark Commission, making way for demolition by its new owner. November: Congratulations to Crestview United Methodist Church on its 60th anniversary! The VVC neighborhood history was displayed at the church in November and December as part of the celebration. Crestview Baptist, Crestview Minimax IGA, Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, and McCallum High School also celebrated 60th anniversaries in 2013.

2014 • April: Brentwood and Crestview neighbors contributed photos, maps, and history to the City of Austin Community Character in a Box. • September 24:  Marjorie Daugherty visited 1405 Justin Lane and confirmed it was the original farmhouse of her grandparents, Frank and Julia Richcreek. Their farm began to be developed as Crestview in 1947, when the house was moved from its original location northwest of Justin and North Lamar. It had been built in the 1930s. • December 21: Family, friends, and neighbors attended a memorial service at the Brentwood Park pavilion for Billie and Sidney Shelton, who died tragically in their Brentwood home on December 15.

2015 • July 9: Crestview Methodist Church held a special healing service for individuals, the community, and the earth—part of an ongoing series.

2016–2017 • See What a Difference a Year Makes!

More history to come . . . in the future!

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