WABAC Machine, Part 5

Our neighborhood history continues . . .

(What’s a WABAC Machine? Find out here.)

1962 • Burkhart’s Motor Dining opened on Burnet Road; it became Top Notch (left) in 1971.

1964 • J. D. Harper became the owner of Crestview Pharmacy.

1965 • Ronnie and the West Winds—featuring Ronnie Prellop of Crestview Minimax IGA—performed at IBEW Hall on South Congress in Austin.

1973 • The Chief Drive-in (right), which opened in 1946, was torn down so Commerce Park could be built at Koenig and North Lamar.

1981 • January 1: Eddie Wilson reopened Threadgill’s on North Lamar, the day after he closed the Armadillo World Headquarters.

1987 • Musician and local business owner Kenneth Threadgill passed away.

1993 • Lucretia and Jonathan Doyer opened a food trailer at Crestview Shopping Center, later to become Little Deli.Richard Linklater’s film Dazed and Confused was filmed at several spots in Brentwood and Crestview, including Top Notch on Burnet Road and Violet Crown Shopping Center and Centennial Liquors at the intersection of Lamar and Brentwood.

1995 • Longtime Morrow Avenue neighbors Helen and Neb Parson (right) moved back to their home state of Arkansas from Crestview.

2000 • Faith Lutheran Church celebrated its 50th anniversary.

2001 • Brentwood Elementary celebrated its 50th anniversary. Then-Mayor Kirk Watson proclaimed October 2, 2001, Brentwood Elementary School Day.

2002 • Northwest Baptist Church and St. Louis Catholic Church celebrated their 50th anniversaries.

2003 • Jean Graham continued meeting with neighbors about her idea for the Wall of Welcome.  May 17: The first Violet Crown Festival was held. Crestview Baptist Church, Crestview United Methodist Church, and Episcopal Church of the Resurrection celebrated 50th anniversaries.

2004 • First Cumberland Presbyterian Church celebrated its 50th anniversary at its current location. The Brentwood Elementary School mosaic wall was dedicated on March 27. (See one of the tiles from the wall, left.)

2005 • December 31: Brentwood and Crestview neighbors participated in the First Night Austin Grand Procession, wearing handmade violet crowns and following a 10-foot-long Domino the Pig puppet created by Jean Graham.

Our WABAC trip concludes next time, with “WABAC Machine, Part 6,” on Voices of the Violet Crown.

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