A Few Stories About Street Names, Part 1

Over the years, as we’ve talked with neighbors and looked into public records, we’ve learned how some of our Central Austin streets came to be named and what some of them once were called. Here’s Part 1 of what we’ve gathered so far. We invite you to share what you know about neighborhood streets by sending us an email (see link at right).

AGGIE LANE—According to longtime Aggie Lane resident Don Gresser, the street was not named for Texas A&M University, as many people believe. It was named for a lady named Agatha who was an aunt of one of Crestview’s developers. Don also told us that at one time there also was a separate L-shaped section of Aggie Lane east of Woodrow and the railroad tracks (that part of Aggie has disappeared since Crestview Station has been developed).

ARROYO SECO—This street that meanders through Brentwood and Crestview often is mistakenly called Arroyo Seca. It’s also the name many people call the waterway, Hancock Creek, that runs down the middle of the divided street. (More about Hancock Creek in the five-part series beginning here).

BROCKMAN STREET—According to Crestview Minimax’s Ronnie Prellop, the Brockman family once owned a grocery on the northeast corner of Burnet Road and Anderson Lane (where Jack in the Box is today). Brockman Street runs along the east side of the property. The grocery later became the Schnitzelgarten restaurant. It was one of the first venues where the band Ronnie and the West Winds played. Ronnie Prellop sang lead vocals. (More about Ronnie and his involvement in music here.)

BURNET ROAD—Once called Upper Georgetown Road; North Lamar was Lower Georgetown Road. The short section of Burnet Lane, just south of Justin, once was part of the original Upper Georgetown Road. In the early 1960s, Burnet Road was still gravel.

CULLEN AVENUE—Named for Cullen Harrison, brother of Justin Harrison Beddow, according to John Carlson, who worked for Justin’s husband, A. B. Beddow, and knew Cullen. (See also Justin Lane, below.)

HANCOCK DRIVE—Located west of Burnet Road, this street likely was named for John Hancock (1821-1893), who once owned more than 1000 acres in Crestview and surrounding neighborhoods. Hancock was a prominent Austin lawyer, district judge, and Texas legislator. Hancock Creek, the waterway that runs from Crestview through the Brentwood, Allandale, and Rosedale neighborhoods, also likely was named for him. (More about John Hancock and the creek in the five-part series beginning here.)

BeddowsJIM HOGG AVENUE—James Stephen “Big Jim” Hogg (1851-1906) served as governor of Texas from 1891 to 1895. He was the first Texas governor born in the state. (More about Governor Hogg here.)

JOE SAYERS AVENUE—Joseph Draper Sayers (1841-1929) served as Texas governor from 1899 to 1903. (More about Governor Sayers here.)

JUSTIN LANE—Named for Justin Harrison Beddow, wife of Crestview developer A. B. Beddow (together at left). In 1950, Justin Lane was a dirt road. A. B.’s office was in a duplex on the northeast corner of Justin and Woodrow, where Justin’s sister Sue lived for many years, according to Crestview neighbor Beverly Lester.

Stayed tuned for more stories about street names, coming next Monday, 12/5!

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