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Neb and Helen—and Ernest Tubb

A few years ago, I met a young mother in our neighborhood. After growing up in an Austin suburb, she said she was happy to move here and to have better neighbors. She just wasn’t sure how to be one herself. I couldn’t help but remember Neb and Helen Parson, our neighbors for 10 years. Neb always had an abundance of tools and farm implements, and he planted a small garden behind his garage, where … Read more

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Taking the Bitter “Mit” the Sweet

For many people, August means getting ready to go back to school. For Austinites this year, it also means coping with the ongoing drought and more triple-digit heat. John and Judy Carlson, Wanda and Emory Muehlbrad, and Louise Cooke all moved to Crestview around 1950, during a years-long drought that, at least for now, still eclipses our current exceptional one. They share a few of their stories in the video clips below. John Carlson grew … Read more

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Whitman and Uncle Jay

Jan Root and Richard Chaffee grew up in the Brentwood neighborhood of Austin. They were kids on August 1, 1966, and remember well when Charles Whitman went up into the University of Texas Tower and began shooting shortly before noon that day. They share a few of their memories in the video clip, below. Jan and Richard mention several names that may be unfamiliar. The Uncle Jay Show was a longtime, popular children’s TV program … Read more

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